Our barn...

The Barn is a private, intimate concert and dance venue near Longmont built from the remains of an old barn. It has great sound and a sprung floor. The barn is not available for rent or for commercial purposes. All events are by invitation only—if you have reached this site through some accident of fate, go ahead and sign up, and we'll look forward to meeting you and counting you among our friends.


Q: How do I get on your Barn events email list?

A: Fill out your information on our Email List page.


Q: Why isn't the address/map posted?

A: This is our private home, and we prefer not to publish our address online. The address and a map link will be in your confirmation email when you make a reservation. We are just north of Longmont. We are glad to send the address via email.


Q: Can I pay by check? Cash?

A: Yes. Please email us for details. Make checks to Dorothy Vernon.


Q: Do I have to pay in advance to make a reservation?

A: That depends. For nationally and internationally known bands, we ask for payment in advance to be sure we can make our minimum, and to be sure there is space available. For lesser known artists we can be more flexible.

Q: Can I bring my children? Is there a discount?

A: The Barn is not child-proof, and any children require 100% supervision. Babes-in-arms do not require tickets; all other children do.

Q: Can I get a refund if I can't make it?

A: Generally, no. We do this for the bands, and they get all the money minus a very little if we have specific expenses. We don't do this as a business, and we don't make anything on these shows. Putting them on is a lot of work, and tracking who can't make it at the last minute is more than we want to take on. You can, however, give your seats to a friend.


Q: Can I bring food? Alcohol?

A: Yes. You can bring whatever you would like to eat or drink, either for yourselves or to share should the spirit move you. We do not sell any food or drinks, but generally offer a few snacks and apple cider or lemonade.

Q: What time do the doors open?

A: The doors open 1/2 hour before showtime, or when the band is finished with sound check, whichever is later.

Q: Do I need to bring a chair?

A: No, we have lots of chairs.


Q: Can I rent the barn? Can I have my wedding there?

A: No, we don't rent the barn, and weddings are not allowed per the county. If we know you well, or if we are excited about your event (e.g., a fiddle convention or a storytelling workshop), we might be inspired to host.


More Questions? Email at or call me at 303-725-3647. Email is preferred!