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The Highland Soles Trio

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Ed, Lilly & Neil Pearlman
Scottish & Cape Breton fiddles, piano, mandolin, and traditional dance with flavors of jazz, Latin & pipe-band rhythms

Enjoy a concert followed by Ceilidh (party) Dances: quick demonstrations of easy, fun, high energy Scottish Dances. Includes traditional Ceilidh-style snacks.

The Highland Soles Trio, based in Boston and Maine, presents powerful music and dance from a family trio immersed in the traditions of Scotland and Cape Breton.  

Drawing on 35 years of working with some of the top Scottish and Cape Breton artists of our time, Ed Pearlman has toured the US, Canada and Scotland and has often collaborated with his wife, dancer Laura Scott, who taught Neil and Lilly to dance.  He has performed and taught at Blazin Fiddles music camp in Scotland, Maine Fiddle Camp, Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp and many more.  Ed directed the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club for 18 years (1981-99) and for the past 18 years has been the music columnist for Scottish Life magazine in addition to pursuing all his performing and teaching.

Neil is a professional touring musician, in great demand for his astonishing creativity on the piano, blending Scottish with Latin, jazz, and funk, throughout North America, Scotland and Galicia.  He is the piano teacher/performer at Alasdair Fraser's Sierra Fiddle Camp, plays a mean mandolin and is a great Cape Breton stepdancer.

Lilly’s stellar fiddling is often heard on tour with Neil in the bands Alba’s Edge and Party of 3.  She has taught at Ashokan and Maine Fiddle Camp, plays piano and dances.

Together they represent the flow of tradition from one generation to the next, playing music that speaks to us all.

About Ed:  "Pearlman is one of the finest exponents of Scottish-style fiddling we have in North America." (Earle Hitchener, music columnist and critic for the Wall Street Journal and Irish Voice)

About Neil:  “A tremendous pianist”  (BBC Radio Scotland)

"Watching Neil's hands on the piano is like watching two spiders on crack."  (Jerry Holland)


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