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The Western Flyers

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The Western Flyers are one of the most exciting new bands to glide onto the music scene in years. Their music is a distinctive cross section of the Great American Songbook: authentic Western swing, hot jazz and swing standards, cowboy songs and electrifying old-time fiddle tunes.  Internationally renowned guitar master Joey McKenzie drives the train with his powerful rhythm, while reigning National Swing Fiddle champion Katie Glassman and world-class upright bassist Gavin Kelso add fuel to the fire. A blending of tradition and innovation, The Western Flyers are a singular musical experience; a fresh take on a venerable American art form performed by three virtuosos of the genre. With international tours under their belt and debut album reaching #1 on the FAR / American roots charts, they are a band in full swing. 

I love The Western Flyers. They are a fearlessly dedicated band that swings hard. Joey, Katie and Gavin, in the words of Handsome Harry, “Lay it down where it stays down till they leave town”. Their music makes me smile. When I listen to them play I know that I am in the presence of modern masters in motion.
— Marty Stuart

Every once in a while a new musical group comes along that absolutely blows your ears back. It’s been a long time since I have seen a group as exciting as The Western Flyers. While the trio is new, the musicians are seasoned pros, combining the incredible rhythm guitar playing of Joey McKenzie with the flaming fiddle of Katie Glassman and the upright bass of Gavin Kelso. With all members sharing vocal duties, they deliver everything from western swing and jazz to cowboy and country with an infectious energy and virtuosity that will leave you knowing you have just seen and heard the best of the “real deal.
— Charlie Seeman, Executive Director Emeritus, Western Folklife Center